Start Capacitors

DURAFARAD brings you High Quality Failure Proof Motor Start Capacitors manufactured through a completely novel and innovative technology and which possess distinctly superior attributes when compared to the conventional Aluminium Electrolytic Motor Start Capacitors. Our Motor Start Capacitors are made with Metallized Polypropylene Film with dry impregnates which gives them an enhanced and functional advantage. All previously known shortcomings and failures of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors completely disappear in DURAFARAD Motor Start Capacitors. We offer Start Capacitors ranging between 20 Microfarad to 250 Microfarad and Voltages ranging from 275 VAC to 330 VAC.


  • Made with self healing metalized polypropylene film
  • Very long life
  • Minimal dissipation factor leading to much higher reliability. Chances of failures are minimal.
  • Available in +/- 5% tolerance levels
  • Negligible loss of power hence high energy efficiency