PFC Capacitors

The efficiency of power generation, transmission or conversion is improved when operated at near unity power factor. The least expensive way to achieve the same is by installing Power Factor Correction Capacitors.

DURAFARAD PFC Capacitors are designed and manufactured for most demanding applications and toughest ambient conditions. These Capacitors are made in accordance with Metalized Polypropylene technology with built-in SELF HEALING properties. We mastered this technology over a period of 30 years and have state of art manufacturing facility for metallization of the film. The elements are wound on fully automatic numerically controlled winding machine that ensure no corona discharge & ionisation. The elements are housed in cylindrical shaped aluminium case with in built explosion proof safety device.


  • Compact Cylindrical Construction
  • Unique Explosion Proof Design
  • 3 Phase – Delta Connection
  • Easy Banking
  • Non-PCB Oil Encapsulation
  • ECO-Friendly
  • High Temperature withstanding capacity
  • Self Healing Properties
  • Safe-Touch, Shock-Proof Terminals
  • Longer Life Expectancy
  • Available in both Cylindrical & Box type design
  • Wide Range – Standard Duty 1-50KVAR in 400/415/440V
  • Heavy Duty – 5-30KVAR in 440/480/525V
  • Super Heavy Duty – 5-30KVAR in 600/660/690V