Oil Filled Capacitors

Oil filled Capacitors function over prolonged usage periods without losing Capacitance Value. Thus they play a vital role in maintaining the speed of Fans. DURAFARAD oil capacitors feature a Leak Proof design thus setting us apart from the competition. As a result, our oil capacitors are a part of the best brands of fans sold in many countries. We offer Oil Capacitors ranging between 1 Microfarad to 8 Microfarad and Voltages ranging from 220 VAC to 500 VAC.


  • No Capacitance Loss over years of running that ensures high air delivery of Fans.
  • Made with special technology metalized film that extends the life of the capacitors.
  • Can operate with the same efficiency over a wide range of temperatures and humidity.
  • Manufacturing process of the capacitor is tailor made to suit the requirements of the fans.
  • Low internal power losses conserve energy
  • No Leakage of Oil from the Capacitors